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söndag 17 juni 2012

Dawn Ride Through Monument Valley, Utah

Gunnar having to work hard to stay on schedule got up in the early morning hours and started his ride for Durango Colorado. One of the nicest parts about this race across America is some of the fabulous scenery you are afforded as you sit on your saddle and make your way across this beautiful country. The alarm went off at 3:30 in the morning and Gunnar was on his bike by 4 AM local time. Dawn through Monument Valley was breathtaking… Too beautiful for my words. The other good thing about riding that early is the temperature was much more comfortable for a Viking . With this leg of 180 miles Gunnar climbed more than one mile in elevation change. At this posting Gunnar is again out in the night's cooler air pedaling towards Pagosa Springs Colorado.

12 kommentarer:

  1. This is a big adventure, good luck on your epic journey.


  2. Det går glimrande, brorsan ! Kom ihåg vad jag sa innan du stack.

  3. Det ser bra ut Gunnar. Vi är många som följer din resa.
    /Järvsö Brandmannaklubb gm Lars.

  4. Sitter som klistrad (nästan) vid datorn och följer ditt trampande Gunnar. Häftigt... Så stark, så stark!!
    /Mikael Grahn, Delsbo/

  5. You're doing great, team Ultra-Cycling Vinking. Good thing to stock up on energy from the scenery and nature around you. Looks beautiful.

  6. Kämpa G. Du är bäst!!!!! /mana

  7. Oh what I become nervous. Finally your time dropped in from South Fork, TS17, and I, and probably all who knows you from Ljusdal, still holding their thumbs for you. I will follow every inch you proceed and really hope you can follow through this dream.
    You ARE the man Gunnar! Keep fighting! //Jan-Erik S

  8. Gunnar, kämpa på. Vi följer dig på nätet.// Ingrid och "Kotten"

  9. heja på pappa, vi försöker följa så gott vi kan från blogg och facebook och mammas sms. Vi älskar dig och står bakom dig.

    Puss och kram från oss här i Oslo

    And Francis, Susan mamma Alice, Lasse, Anders and Arne. My dad is so lucky to have such a fantastic team behind him. I am so glad you all are there helping him and keeping him safe through out this "one man madness" Without you this would never be possible and I know my dad is very, very thankful and so are the rest of us that stayed home following your every cyber move.


  10. Go Gunnar, go! If anyone can do this it's you!


  11. Heja på kära kusin, du är grym!!!

    Hälsningar Eva