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torsdag 21 juni 2012

The Curious Incident of the Dog at the Halfway Point

June 19, 2012

Some of Gunnar’s rightful attention and glory was stolen from him by a stray dog – (think big, yellow, part Labrador.  This young fellow ran across the highway to us as we were posing for pictures with Gunnar.  He was extremely friendly and jumpy, and knew commands like “sit” and “stay”.  But he had no collar or owner.  Francis and Susan kept him away from the celebrations, but the longer he was with us, the more obvious it became that he was lost.  We fed him turkey breast, cheese, and finally Francis decided to try to take him back across the highway where there were men working to see if one of them would take him in to the pound after work.  But the dog was having none of that.  Finally we had to throw some pepperoni into the ditch and scramble into the van.  It was a shame to leave a nice dog like that, but there was nothing more we could do.

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